Escape Room Zoetermeer - The End
Escape Room Zoetermeer - The End


“Your order is ready”, a creaky voice on the other end of the phone tells you right before hanging up. Before you know it, you find yourself trembling in front of an old casket store. The door squeaks as you open it and an enormous coffin stares you right in the face from square in the middle of the shop. What did you get yourself into and where will this adventure lead you?

Forget everything you know about escape rooms. In the groundbreaking DarkPark experience The End in Zoetermeer, nothing is what it seems.

The End is a combination of escape room and immersive theater in which the experience is emphasized. The End is seen as one of the best escape rooms ever built by experts worldwide. This Adventure Quest isn’t the most well-awarded escape room of the Netherlands for nothing!

In collaboration with specialists from all over the world, among whom the creators of hit series WestWorld, the DarkPark team has created a truly peerless experience. This adventure has a plot. And not only are you a part of it; you’ll never see the ending coming.

New effects, unique 3D sound design and a specially composed movie score combine to provide a unique experience.

More intense than ever. Enter the new world entirely created by DarkPark in The End.

Good luck trying to escape that…

Difficulty 67%
Escape Rate 95%
Fear Factor 82%
Physical Exertion 54%
Location: Zoetermeer
Team size: 2 to 6 players
Duration: 1 hour
Recommended age: 18+ ℹ️
Available languages: Dutch & English
Price: Upwards of €135 per team ℹ️
Escape Room Zoetermeer - The End

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it true that there's an actor in this room?
Are you sure you want to know? Alright then, there’s indeed an actor in The End, but take this from us, you’re going to love it! We don’t work with 16 year old temps in a party store costume that jump at you from a dark corner when you don’t expect it, but with trained actors that get a precise feel for what’s needed to ramp up tension in a fun way. All our visitors believe the actor to be of immense added value, adding an extra layer to the experience, and not someone that’s only out to scare them like they expected beforehand. Of course we can’t promise you won’t be startled a couple of times, but if you’re not a fan of fun tension you might be better off booking a knitting class 😉
Is The End scary?
You bet! You secretly kind of hoped for that, right?

Do realize that we at DarkPark don’t like pushing people to the edge. We don’t create horror experiences, but ramp up tension in a fun-scary way so that everyone has a great time. We don’t gain anything from you leaving the experience with grey hairs either, in fact, we enjoy the smile our visitors have on their faces when they exit the building so much more!

All our experiences are equipped with an emergency stop button, so if you really can’t take the fear, you can always stop the game yourself.

Is The End suitable for disabled people?
While playing The End, you’re going to have to crawl a short distance, making this escape room unfit for those in a wheelchair, unfortunately. If you struggle to walk or do so with crutches, but can still move around a decent amount, you would theoretically be able to escape The End. Those with limited sight or that are hard of hearing can play The End just fine, as long as there’s at least 1 player present that does possess proper vision and hearing. That said, it is good to be aware of the fact that there will be very loud noises and scary imagery. This may be very overwhelming for those with visual, auditory, or mental disabilities.
What if I have to go to the toilet?
You won’t be able to go to the toilet while playing The End. As such, we recommended you use the bathroom right before entering the escape room.
Can you play The End if you're claustrophobic?
If you’re truly claustrophobic, it’s best to stay away from anything to do with boxes; elevators, payphones, shoe boxes, and, in a way, escape rooms. However, our experience is that almost everyone that indicates that they’re claustrophobic beforehand immediately forgets that as soon as the game starts. You immediately get swept up by the experience and forget your fears. Having said that, we have to admit that The End does have a few moments that might be very intense for people that are truly claustrophobic. We’ve never had someone hate it so far, but you’ve been warned 😉

Unsure if you’ll be able to take it? Just come and experience The End, we’re convinced you’re going to love it!

What about safety?
While playing The End, the illusion of being locked up will be created. In actuality, you can exit the escape room at any time by using the emergency stop present in every room in case of emergencies. Furthermore, there’s constant surveillance from outside thanks to the cameras and microphones that are installed in the escape room. All of our escape rooms completely abide by the legal requirements in terms of safety.
What should I wear?
What you wear while playing The End doesn’t matter all too much. You won’t (or at least shouldn’t) get dirty, or have to exert a ton of effort. It might be necessary for you to crawl or climb a bit, however, so we don’t recommend a three-piece suit. Just wear something you feel comfortable in that lets you move around well.
Can I take my phone with me in the escape room?
No; before you enter the escape room, we will ask you to store all your belongings – your phone, but also your wallet, keys and miscellaneous possessions – in a locker. This is necessary so as to not ruin your own and your fellow players’ gameplay experiences. Everything you need to escape The End will be found in the escape room. Obviously, you’ll get your posessions back after surviving The End.
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