Escape Room Delft - Rise of the Phoenix
Escape Room Delft - Rise of the Phoenix


With Rise of the Phoenix, DarkPark begins a new phase; rolling out The DarkVerse. With every game you play in this unique DarkPark universe, you’ll discover more and more about the storylines that interconnect all our Escape Rooms and Home Adventures. But be warned: with every step you take into The DarkVerse, you will become a part of the story yourself all the more.


Dr. Phoenix was an all-round respected and passionate scientist. As the head of Phoenix Institute, he used all his knowledge in service of improving quality of life. Tests on birds seemed successful, but when he started human experiments without permission, the medical world turned its back on him. Convinced he was right, his passion changed into an obsession with defeating death. He began preaching that mortality was merely an illness for which he had found the remedy. Supposedly, Phoenix resumed his experiments in secret, utilizing little girls from a nearby orphanage. Soon thereafter, Phoenix Institute definitively closed its doors. Nothing was ever heard from Phoenix or his patients again.

The institute can now be visited as a museum; a wry tribute to a man that was either far ahead of his time, or completely insane.


Rise of the Phoenix was supposed to open in 2023, but due to the unexpected sale of our building in Delft, the future of this escape room has been uncertain for quite some time. Thanks to the trust of our fans, we have managed to raise enough money through crowdfunding in record time to buy the building ourselves, which means that Rise of the Phoenix will most likely see the light of day in 2024! Surpass your limits with us and ‘Step into the DarkVerse’.

Difficulty 51%
Escape Rate 95%
Fear Factor 86%
Physical Exertion 75%
Location: Delft
Team size: 2 to 6 players
Duration: 1 hour
Recommended age: 18+ ℹ️
Available languages: Dutch & English

Rise of the Phoenix opens in 2024. Keep an eye on our social media channels!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Rise of the Phoenix an escape room?
Some will say so, others will not. We don’t care so much what our adventures are called, as long as you just enjoy them. With Rise of the Phoenix, we return to our roots; building awesome escape rooms! But to say that Rise of the Phoenix is a standard-issue puzzle room…well, no.
How scary is Rise of the Phoenix?
At DarkPark, we’re a fan of ‘fun-scary’. We’re not out to turn your hair grey, we just want you to have a rad time with us! Yes, Rise of the Phoenix is scary, but in a fun way, and we also pay mind to your personal limits.

How scary the experience will ultimately end up being to you will depend on your personality and the degree to which you surrender to it. We will definitely work our absolute hardest to ensure that you come out with a huge smile on your face!

Is there an actor in this experience?
You know what it is? Actors simply add an extra dimension to escape rooms, so we did indeed choose to work with actors again this time. You read that right, plural!

Our actors are trained to get a precise feel for what your group needs to keep it fun for everyone. We will never cross your boundaries.

We understand you’re scared. Really, we understand. But NOT playing this escape game is simply out of the question if you’re a real DarkPark fan πŸ™‚

For whom is Rise of the Phoenix unfit?
Rise of the Phoenix is a very physical escape room in which you will need to crawl and climb. On top of that, there will be a generous amount of theatrical effects to create a tense atmosphere.

We hate to exclude anybody, but given the intense character of this experience, we recommend the following people do not play Rise of the Phoenix:

  • (Heavily) pregnant women
  • Heart patients
  • People with anxiety disorders
  • People with epilepsy
  • People that struggle to walk
  • People under 16
  • People with a fear of heights
What should I wear?
A night out isn’t what it used to be. Leave the three-piece suit and gala dress at home, because you’re going on an adventure!

Rise of the Phoenix is quite a physical escape room. Keep in mind that you might get dirty or wet. You’re going to climb and crawl. So don’t wear brand new clothing, and you’d better leave your favorite shoes and jewelry at home as well.

What about safety?
At DarkPark, the term escape room means escaping reality and not literally escaping a room. All our escape rooms have an emergency stop next to every door so that you can always choose to leave the area yourself in case of emergency. Furthermore, there’s constant surveillance from outside thanks to the cameras and microphones that are installed in the escape room. All of our escape rooms completely abide by the legal requirements in terms of safety.
Can I take my phone with me in the escape room?
The whole idea of our escape rooms is that you and your friends escape reality. Do you really want that attention-demanding thing in your pocket the entire time?

Of course, if you’re expecting a really important phone call or your teenage babysitter is home alone with your newborn for the first time, we’re not going to make a big deal about it, but in all other cases you’re really doing yourself and your fellow players a big service by just storing the thing in our lockers for the hour.

We ensure your valuables are stowed away safely so that you can enjoy the experience uninterrupted!

Oh, and for everyone that would like a memento of this special adventure, we’ve got a unique surprise in store!

Is Rise of the Phoenix a temporary experience?
Nope, Rise of the Phoenix is here to stay! This unique escape experience is a full-blown DarkPark escape room as you’ve come to expect from us, with all the bells and whistles.

So you can take your time gathering courage before booking a ticket πŸ˜‰

Ticket sales open in the second half of 2023, so you definitely have a bit of time to get used to the idea that you really want to do this (even if you’re a little scared)!

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