Honeymoon Hotel – The Card Game


Your wedding night at the Honeymoon Hotel turns into a nightmare when your brand-new groom suddenly reveals his true nature. The hotel turns out to be a trap full of booby traps from which you’ll need to escape. Honeymoon Hotel is an adventurous card game full of strategy that you’ll want to play time and time again. Which bride will manage to escape, and who is destined for certain death?


Honeymoon Hotel – The Card Game is the first game in the world based on an existing escape room! In this unique card game, playable with 2 to 6 players, you re(visit) the mysterious Honeymoon Hotel, but this time you are one of the brides trying to escape from the murderous maniac you appear to have married.

Honeymoon Hotel – The Card Game is not an escape room game with puzzles. It’s a strategic card game that you can play over and over again! If you dare, that is…

Additional information

Weight 360 g
Dimensions 150 × 105 × 35 mm
Number of players

2 to 6


10 to 20 minutes

Recommended age



The game includes instructions in Dutch and in English.


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Honeymoon Hotel - The Card Game

Honeymoon Hotel - The Card Game