Escape Room Rotterdam - Stay in the Dark
Escape Room Rotterdam - Stay in the Dark


Your breathing stalls as you suddenly hear footsteps on the stairs you’re hidden beneath. You see him descend slowly, turn around, and walk towards your hiding place. He reaches in the dark, his gripping hands barely missing you and his face getting ever closer to yours. His hollow eyes see right through you. As you bite your tongue trying not to make a sound, the same words keep running through your head: “Why on earth did I go in here?”

With Stay in the Dark, DarkPark is going down a whole new avenue by trying to combine the best of escape rooms and immersive theater in a brand new, terrifying experience with a surface area of no less than 4000 m2, spread out over multiple floors.

In an abandoned building next to an old fire station on a forgotten terrain near Rotterdam, we’re taking you with us to an unforgettable journey that’s bound to make your hair stand on end. Nerves of steel won’t do this time around, during this experience you’ll have to face your biggest fears.

Stay in the Dark is our most ambitious project so far. Once again, we tried to find the limit of what a person can take in this 2.5 hour experience. One thing is for sure; you’ll NEVER forget this adventure.

An escape room? Hell no!

Difficulty 45%
Escape Rate 100%
Fear Factor 90%
Physical Exertion 110%
Location: Vlaardingen
Team size: 2 to 6 players
Duration: 2.5 hours (including a chat afterwards)
Recommended age: 18+ ℹ️
Available languages: Dutch & English
Price: Upwards of €70 per player

Stay in the Dark is going to stop!

After three fantastic years, this adventure will definitively come to an end on May 19, 2024. After that, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to make reservations for Stay in the Dark.

Waiting list

It frequently happens that all timeslots for Stay in the Dark are sold out. That’s why we offer the opportunity to sign up for our waiting list. You will then get an e-mail any time a timeslot opens up.

*You can unsubscribe at any point and we will only send e-mails when Stay in the Dark spaces free up.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If not an escape room, what is Stay in the Dark?
Stay in the Dark is a 2.5 hour, intense experience that takes place in a huge space of over 4000 m2 with multiple floors. We use light and sound effects to create a movie-like experience that makes you forget time and reality.

Stay in the Dark is one-of-a-kind and is best compared to an intense horror movie with you in its lead role.

How scary is Stay in the Dark?
Stay in the Dark is our scariest experience so far, but we never exceed your limits. We strive to build up tension in a fun way and carefully try to get a feel for how far we can go. That’s why we like to use the term “fun-scary”. So yes, it is scary and in some moments even very intense, but always with the aim to make sure you have a super good time, not to make you come out with grey hair.

You’re gonna go on an emotional journey. In Stay in the Dark, you’re the main character in the movie. That’s why how scary the experience ends up being is totally dependent on the degree to which you lean into it.

Is there an actor in this experience?
Jazeker, de acteur speelt zelfs een essentiële rol in Stay in the Dark en neem van ons aan, je gaat het geweldig vinden! We werken met getrainde acteurs die precies aanvoelen wat er nodig is om de spanning op te bouwen op een leuke manier.

Deze experience is wel enorm intens. Als je denkt dat je dat niet aan kunt raden we aan om deze experience over te slaan. Je mist dan alleen maar de ervaring van je leven, verder niks 😉

Do we play together with strangers?
No, Stay in the Dark is a premium private experience that you exclusively go through with your teammates. That’s also the reason that this experience takes a little longer than the average escape room. Stay in the Dark is no escape room en takes place in an enormous space of over 4000 square meters that’s exclusively reserved for you and your teammates.

We specifically chose to sell tickets per player so you don’t pay large amounts of money for smaller teams. Especially now that government rulings may occasionally impact max group sizes, this ensures that you never pay too much.

For whom is Stay in the Dark UNfit?
We hate to exclude anybody, but given the intense character of this experience and the grim location, we recommend the following people do not play Stay in the Dark:

  • (Heavily) pregnant women
  • Heart patients
  • People with anxiety disorders
  • People with epilepsy
  • People that struggle to walk
  • People under 16
  • People with a fear of heights
Why can Stay in the Dark only be booked for a limited time?
This unique experience takes place in an abandoned building that we can use temporarily. The building is scheduled to be demolished, so we never know longer than 3 months in advance if we’ll be allowed to stay in it. We secretly hope to extend our stay after 3 months, but we have no guarantee. So if you don’t want to miss Stay in the Dark, don’t take any risks and make a reservation while you still can.

ATTENTION: Due to high levels of interest, Stay in the Dark is often sold out. If you sign up for our waiting list, you’ll get an e-mail any time a timeslot opens up.

What should I wear?
Stay in the Dark takes place in a huge building without heating. The tension will have you heat up pretty quickly, but the first part may be a bit chilly in the winter months. Keep this in mind in your choice of clothing.

Also make sure not to wear clothing with attributes that could snag, such as loose parts or a hood.

Keep in mind that you might get dirty during this experience. You’re gonna climb, run, crawl, fall, and get back up. So don’t wear brand new or light clothing, and leave your favorite shoes and jewelery at home while you’re at it.

What about safety?
Stay in the Dark is a temporary experience and even though we do everything we can to make it as safe as possible for everybody, this experience does have differences compared to other escape rooms. For one, the space is many times larger and lighting is limited in many areas. In case of an emergency, the experience will be interrupted immediately and emergency lighting will turn on in strategic areas of the building. Next to doors that lock there’s an emergency stop present, and all other doors just remain open, so in cases of an emergency you can always leave the building yourselves. There’s always a minimum of three (usually more) trained DarkPark employees available in the building to assist in emergencies.

Because the experience takes place in a huge empty building and people may react unexpectedly due to fear, it’s impossible to entirely cover every single risk factor. Please keep this in mind before you make a reservation. Participation is wholly at your own risk.

Is Stay in the Dark suitable for disabled people?
Stay in the Dark takes place in a huge building with multiple floors that are only accessible by way of narrow stairs. What’s more, sometimes you’ll have to move quickly to escape imminent danger. This makes this experience unfit for those that have walking difficulties and/or are in a wheelchair, unfortunately.

Those with limited sight or that are hard of hearing can participate in Stay in the Dark. That said, it is good to be aware of the fact that there will be very loud noises and scary imagery. This may be very overwhelming for those with visual, auditory, or mental disabilities.

Can I take my phone with me during the experience?
No; before the experience starts, we will ask you to store all your belongings – your phone, but also your wallet, keys and miscellaneous possessions – in a locker. This is necessary for your own safety and also so as to not ruin your own and your fellow players’ gameplay experiences. Everything you need to survive Stay in the Dark will be given to you during the experience. Obviously, you’ll get your posessions back after your adventure.

Recording photo or video footage on site is strictly forbidden.

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