All our escape rooms have a minimum age recommendation

The Dentist – 16 and up

The Freakshow – 16 and up

The Honeymoon Hotel – 16 and up

The Orphanage – 16 and up

The End – 18 and up

Stay in the Dark – 18 and up

We've implemented these age recommendations for two reasons:

1: The DarkPark Escape Games are too scary for young people.

DarkPark doesn’t build standard escape rooms. To expand the full experience, we strive to create a tense atmosphere for all our escape rooms. We do this by adding spooky lighting effects, special effects, loud music and jumpscares, among other things. Additionally, the chilling story and corresponding scary decor of our rooms make it so that the full experience isn’t appropriate for younger players.

2: The puzzles are too hard for children

Over at DarkPark, we choose to purposefully make our puzzles challenging. We feel that it’s important that, generally, everyone should be able to escape the room, but we also don’t want seasoned puzzlers to be back outside in under half an hour. DarkPark puzzles are known to be quite tough compared to those of some other escape rooms. Even though past experiences have shown that we definitely can’t underestimate young people in terms of their solution-oriented ability, we have noticed that the puzzles in our rooms are still too challenging for children.

Sometimes we'll make an exception

The term recommended age minimum explains it all, it’s not a hard limit, it’s advice. Occasionally, we get asked if someone that’s 1 or 2 years below the age limit is allowed to play our escape rooms. We may make an exception in cases like that. There are a few conditions, however. A maximum of two players (of, at most, 2 years below the established age limit) may participate at a time. What’s more, they should be supervised by an adult at all times. Responsibility for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the relevant persons is always on the supervisors. Participating in the DarkPark escape games is always entirely at your own risk.