Why is there an age recommendation for your escape rooms?

As our name suggests, at DarkPark we build thrilling escape rooms. We do this by adding spooky lighting effects, special effects, loud music and jumpscares, among other things. Additionally, the chilling story and corresponding scary decor of our rooms make it so that the full experience isn’t appropriate for younger players.

The puzzles are too hard for children

Although young people often match adults in terms of problem-solving skills, we know from experience that the puzzles in our escape rooms are often just too difficult for players who are too young. This can lead to frustration, and we want everyone to have a good time with us.

Sometimes we'll make an exception

The term recommended age minimum explains it all, it’s not a hard limit, it’s advice. Occasionally, we get asked if someone that’s 1 or 2 years below the age limit is allowed to play our escape rooms. In such cases, we sometimes make an exception, but we do place the responsibility on the parents. Moreover, every young participant must always be accompanied by an adult. This means that, with a maximum of 6 players, there can always be a maximum of 3 younger players who are accompanied by 3 adults. This way, we keep it fun for everyone.