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That DarkPark succeeded in translating the thrill of a real escape room to home escape room games is known the world over by now. But this time we’re going one step further, because with Never House we’re releasing a full-blown home horror game for the very first time!

Never House is a terrifying puzzle adventure that you will receive by mail and can easily play from home with one to four players, but if you think you’re safe at your own kitchen counter you’re dead wrong. If you bring Never House into your home, you will by definition also invite the entire spirit world into your humble abode and whether all those spirits will want to move back out remains to be seen.

So think twice before ordering this game, because once you bring the box into your home there’s no way back…


As the player, you receive a mysterious package from a young family that recently moved into the solemn Never House in Halifax, Canada. The riddles in the house are keeping the family captive and they’re asking for your help to free them. But what does this mean for you? Is there even a family locked up in that house or is there something entirely different going on? Can a house even really be ‘alive’? If only you had never opened this box…

Additional information

Weight 1250 g
Dimensions 225 × 330 × 65 mm
Number of players

1 to 4


1,5 to 3 hours

Recommended age


Extra needed

To play Never House you need a smartphone or laptop with internet access.

Triggering content

Some parts of this game may be triggering to people who have difficulty with the spirit world or Ouija Boards.

6 reviews for Never House

  1. Daisy

    Erg mooi gemaakt, super leuk, goed verhaal. Het zijn geen super moeilijke puzzels, maar wel heel leuk met onverwachte elementen. Door het digitale gedeelte steeds even samengevat. Onze complimenten!

  2. Phil Hill (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved every minute of this game. Really fun puzzles, great aha moments, and some fabulous props. Bravo!

  3. Peter Freese (verified owner)

    This completely exceeded my expectations. Unique puzzles and great authentic looking props that gave me goose bumps. Well worth the cost.

  4. Daen

    Leuke thematische ervaring. Puzzels zijn niet frusterend moeilijk.
    Toffe twists en interessante voorwerpen om de puzzels op te lossen.
    Multimedia gebruik is een pluspunt voor interacte!

  5. David Hawkins (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing game. Loved it so much. The best escape room / adventure game in a box I’ve ever played. Totally brilliant.

  6. Tyler (verified owner)

    Hands down the best at-home escape room / puzzle box I’ve ever played. Kudos to the team for an engaging storyline, beautifully crafted props, and puzzles with just the right level of difficulty. My friend and I were truly blown away!

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What is the delivery time of Never House?

We aim to ship orders daily. How long it takes before you receive the package depends on the country in which you live.

How many people can we play Never House with?

We understand that not everyone dares to get together with friends in these times. That's why we designed Never House so that you can play it alone, as a couple, as a three or in a group of four.

Is there anything else I need to be able to play Never House?

Pretty much everything you need is in the box. Just make sure you have a laptop or fixed computer with internet at your disposal. We've tried to make the experience as exciting as possible for you, so we use different channels to tell a story as complete as possible without leaving your home!

How many times can you play Never House?

Just like a regular escape room, you can play Never House once because after that you know all the puzzles. Take it from us, that one time will be more than worth it!

What if we get stuck?

Although we have done everything we can to make Never House look and feel like a real escape room, we were unable to cram a game host into the box that can give you hints during the game. That's why we've created an extensive online hint system for all our games where you can ask for a subtle hint yourself. So you will never get stuck!

What's in the box?

Of course we can't reveal too much, but we can imagine that you would like to know what to expect when you order Never House.

Let's just say you won't be disappointed at all! We really gave everything to create the best possible experience for you and we are MEGA excited about it ourselves!

You will receive dozens of beautifully designed documents and puzzle pieces including an antique coin, an old whiskey bottle, old photos and newspaper articles, an original wooden Ouija Board and so on.

It's a complex story, packed with unique puzzles. This game cannot be compared to the mass produced escape room games that you can buy in the toy store. Each game is put together by hand. We are so proud that we can say with certainty that Never House is the best alternative to a physical escape room.

How long does Never House last?

Just like with a normal escape room, this differs enormously per group. We aim to build our games in such a way that everyone takes between 1.5 and 3 hours, but some people even spread it out over several evenings. Of course it also depends on how you handle it yourself. If you are a fanatic puzzler who likes to set a fast time, you will finish the game sooner than someone who enjoys the game at ease and enjoys evening.

Is Never House geschikt voor kinderen?

Never House is a home escape room game with an intense horror theme. Unlike many other board games, Never House is full of interactive elements that can be shocking to children. We therefore recommend that you have a minimum age of 14 years to play Never House.

Never House Home Adventure

Never House

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