Escape Room Delft - The Dentist
Escape Room Delft - The Dentist


You’re in the dentist’s waiting room. There’s a painting of a sad little boy on the wall, an old lamp in the corner casting a grim light on the fancy wallpaper, and a radio playing classical music on a little side table. You hear stomping noises behind the door, then the piercing whirring of a dental drill, followed by a chilling scream not long after. The music coming from the radio seems to get louder and louder in a desperate attempt to drown out the screaming, but in vain. Your hands are clammy with sweat, are you next? Suddenly, the door opens…

In the escape room called The Dentist at DarkPark Delft you’ll be locked up in, you guessed it…the horrifying workshop of a murderous dentist.

Search through the patient files, inspect the dentist’s chair, look for dental tools to solve difficult puzzles, but most of all, make sure you escape the room in time, or else…

While you’re trying to escape, a gruesome story will unravel itself. Who is this man that calls himself The Dentist? What happened in this practice space? Why are there leather straps on the dentist’s chair and what on earth is hidden in that freezer?

One thing is for sure, after a visit to The Dentist you’ll be a lot less scared of your own dentist…or maybe even more so!

Difficulty 65%
Escape Rate 72%
Fear Factor 54%
Physical Exertion 26%
Location: Delft
Team size: 2 to 6 players
Duration: 1 hour
Recommended age: 16+
Available languages: Dutch & English
Price: Upwards of €103 per team ℹ️

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is The Dentist scary?
Absolutely, but you secretly kind of hoped for that, right? Of course it does depend on your personality how scary The Dentist will end up being for you in practice. All DarkPark escape rooms are much more than just a room with puzzles. A sort of ambiance is created that can be experienced as intensely scary for some people. Even though there will never be any real danger, you could still get startled or feel tense while playing The Dentist due to the atmosphere that’s being created. In case of a panic attack or unbearable fear you can press the emergency stop button, which will terminate the experience early.
Is The Dentist suitable for disabled people?
While playing The Dentist you’ll have to crawl a short distance, making this escape room unfit for those in a wheelchair, unfortunately. If you struggle to walk or do so with crutches, but can still move around a decent amount, you would theoretically be able to escape The Dentist. Those with limited sight or that are hard of hearing can play The Dentist just fine, as long as there’s at least 1 player present that does possess proper vision and hearing. That said, it is good to be aware of the fact that there will be very loud noises and scary imagery. This may be very overwhelming for those with visual, auditory, or mental disabilities.
Can I go to the toilet during the escape room?
You won’t be able to go to the toilet while playing The Dentist. As such, we recommended you use the bathroom right before entering the escape room.
What about safety?
While playing The Dentist, an illusion of being locked up will be created. In actuality, you can exit the escape room at any time by using the emergency stop present in every room in case of emergencies. Furthermore, there’s constant surveillance from outside thanks to the cameras and microphones that are installed in the escape room. All of our escape rooms completely abide by the legal requirements in terms of safety.
What should I wear?
What you wear while playing The Dentist doesn’t matter all too much. You won’t (or at least shouldn’t) get dirty, or have to exert a ton of effort. It might be necessary for you to crawl or climb a bit, however, so we don’t recommend a three-piece suit. Just wear something you feel comfortable in that lets you move around well.
Can I take my phone with me in the escape room?
No; before you enter the escape room, we will ask you to store all your belongings – your phone, but also your wallet, keys and miscellaneous possessions – in a locker. This is necessary so as to not ruin your own and your fellow players’ gameplay experiences. Everything you need to escape The Dentist will be found in the escape room. Obviously, you’ll get your posessions back after surviving The Dentist.
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