Safety first

Locking people up brings risks with it. That’s why our escape rooms conform to all safety requirements, visibly and invisibly. Every room has an emergency stop with which players can open the door manually, and players are continually kept an eye on through cameras and microphones in the rooms. In consultation with the fire department, a maximum number of players has been established per room so that in cases of a fire or other dangers there will always be enough space to exit the rooms safely. We are being kept to this player maximum and cannot ever exceed this limit for that reason.

Optimized escape rooms for a specific amount of players

At DarkPark, we strive to make the experience the best it can be for the players. We do so by adding light and sound effects, but also by constructing the tasks and puzzles in such a way that the talents of multiple people will be required to solve them. The amount of players we allow in our escape rooms is also taken into consideration. Too few players? That means it may be the case that certain puzzles that require multiple people simply may not be solvable. Too many players instead? That runs the risk that the team becomes too chaotic to properly think or discuss. Additionally, with large player counts, not everyone may have enough to do which leads to boredom and in rare cases even destruction of props or decor. The optimal experience we strive for in our escape rooms definitely gets lost in player counts that are too high. The minimum and maximum amount of players per room is based on the available space in the escape rooms on one hand, and on the amount or kind of tasks in the room in question on the other hand. The minimum for all our escape rooms is 2 people. The maximum amount of players that can enter our escape games is 6.

No exceptions will be made

Because we choose quality and safety above quantity, no exceptions will be made on the amount of players we allow. Even if you ask nicely. Still want to visit DarkPark with more than the maximum amount of players per room? In that case, we advise you to book multiple rooms at the same time, or if you want to play the same room, reserve multiple time slots in a row so that you can participate in different teams one after another. The waiting teams can have a drink in our atmospheric reception area. This way, you can turn a visit to DarkPark into a fun day out!