DarkPark Double Seat Deal
DarkPark Double Seat Deal

BAM! A discount! And there's nothing you have to do for it!

Even for real escape room lovers like you, it can sometimes be difficult to gather a whole team together. But escaping with just two players, that can get quite pricey. No stress, we’ve got your back!

Quality demands a price. We fully stand behind our rates, but we also understand that every cent counts in these times of crisis. That is why DarkPark is introducing the Double Seat Deal. If you’re escaping with just two players, you won’t have to pay the full price, as you’re getting a whopping 20% discount! Bam!

What you have to do for that? Absolutely nothing! Indicate that you’re bringing only two players during booking, and you’ll automatically be paying the lower rate. You’re welcome!

See you soon at DarkPark!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the discount apply to all escape rooms?
Yes, you get a discount at all our escape rooms if you come with only two players. The only exception is Stay in the Dark. In that case you’ll actually end up paying less when you bring more people. That has to do with the amount of personnel we have walking around at Stay in the Dark to be able to run that unique experience. We also don’t want to lose money 🙂
Do we also get a discount if we come with three players?
Nope, sorry. Energy prices went up quite heftily for us too, and we’d really like to exist for a couple more years to let you enjoy new escape games.
Are your escape games even fun with two players?
Of course! All of our games are built for 2 to 6 people, we just made it just a bit more appealing to come escape with two players by treating you to this discount.
Do you also sell popcorn?
No, sorry, we liked drawing parallels with love seats in cinemas, which is why we photoshopped some popcorn in the banner, but we are no cinema of course. At DarkPark, everything is real and you’re the main character!

Afterwards, you’ll be able to unwind with a nice drink, of course.

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