Restoring Never House

Wow, you solved Never House, what an achievement!

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Restoration instructions:

Step 1 – The Ouija Board:

  • In the round hole that was created in the Ouija Board after the sun was pressed out the text ‘Turn the key’ is visible. Slide this text back to its original position by placing a finger on the disc on either side of the Ouija Board.
  • Put the sun back in the Ouija Board. When doing so, note the cutout on the back. The sun only fits in the Board one way. It may help to turn the sun a little bit at the end to squeeze it in properly.
  • Open the back of the Ouija Board and remove the remains of the ‘Letter from Grace sticker’ if they are still present. Then stick the new ‘Letter from Grace sticker’ from the Refill Kit neatly over the golden puzzle piece.
  • Place the note with the ‘Table of shipped children’ on the ‘Letter from Grace sticker’ with the serpent facing up and close the lid.
  • Remove the large sticker with the ‘Photo of William & Grace’ on the back of the Ouija Board and place the new sticker from the Refil Kit on the same location. There are subtle lines in the corners of the Ouija Board to indicate where the sticker should be applied. Make sure to press the sticker down well along the edges so that the secret lid won’t open by itself.

Step 2 – The envelope:

  • Place the following items in the white envelope:
  • Ouija Board Instruction Card
  • Coin
  • Ouija Bord Planchette
  • Golden key
  • Piece of broken wooden picture frame

Step 3 – Miscellaneous parts:

  • Wrap the whiskey bottle in the Yellow Pages page and pinch the ends of the paper to slightly close it.
  • Carefully put all the pieces of the smashed white tile back into the brown bag and tie the bag to close it.
  • Roll up the map of the estate and put the string around it.
  • Roll up the floor plan of the house and put the red rubber band around it.

Step 4 – The box:

  • Carefully remove the torn transparent folder from the inside of the lid of the box and attach the new folder including the 666-flix flyer and the card with the QR code in the same place.
  • Unfold the box completely and place the newspaper page on the bottom. Fold the box up again so that the newspaper disappears inside the double bottom and is no longer visible.
  • Place the Ouija Board at the bottom of the box.
  • Make a pile of the four children’s drawings and place them on the Ouija Board.
  • Place the photo of the file cabinet with the stuffed animals and the round Family Circle flyer on top of the children’s drawings. Place the photo of Sterling House on top of that and the photo of the fireplace with the map above it.
  • Place the two rolled-up maps at the top of the box.
  • Place the whiskey bottle with the Yellow Pages page in the middle at the bottom of the box.
  • Place the closed white envelope between the rolled-up maps and the whiskey bottle.
  • Place the brown bag with the broken tile in the bottom right corner of the box.
  • Place Jacob Miller’s introductory letter on top of everything and close the box.
  • Seal the lid of the box with the transparent round sticker from the Refill Kit.

That’s it, you’re done! Now give the box to someone you think deserves to go on an adventure. There’s also some good news for you, because we regularly release new Home Adventures. So make sure take a look at our webshop!