Thank you for purchasing our game!

Developing a brand new game involves a lot of work. Unfortunately, after the production of our game, we discovered that a small but essential piece of game explanation was omitted from the final design of the game rules. You can imagine how much this frustrates us; this is not how we envisioned our debut in the game market!

To prevent you from getting stuck during the game, here is the piece of text that is missing from the game rules:

After you have played a bride card in the stealth phase, place this card face down on your personal bride card discard pile. Only when you have played all 10 bride cards, may you take the stack of bride cards back into your hand and continue playing with them.

Another part of the game explanation that has not been clear to all players is the following:

Mega trap cards function as regular room cards. After you have flipped a mega trap in the hotel and permanently discarded one of the bride cards from your hand into the box, you then place the mega trap card, face up, on your personal room card stack. The mega trap card is worth 1 point.