Got stuck playing Witchery Spell?

You may get stuck at some point while playing Witchery Spell. No problem, it happens to the best of us.

On this page you will find the answers to all your questions. However, we recommend you don’t look for answers right away, because then you may rush through the game too quickly and that would be a shame. After all, it is a puzzle game and getting stuck every now and then is a part of the fun. So these hints are just for those times where you really can’t figure it out by yourself.

Contents of the box

If, after reading the hints, you feel that an object is missing from the game, you can check if that’s the case here.

If you don’t have that feeling, then read no further to avoid spoilers!


  • flyer
  • Typed letter of introduction by the 5 witches
  • Card with QR code to the hint page
  • Rolled up Sorcery Surface
  • Almitar Family tree
  • Glass jar full of salt wrapped in a piece of newspaper

Brown envelope:

  • 4 Different Polaroid photos
  • Two torn diary pages
  • A black feather

White linen pouch:

  • Purple card from
  • Mirror
  • 5 Different tarot cards
  • Tea light
  • Small glass bottle of Ivory Scatter
  • Glass bottle of Arsenica Arachnia
  • Moonspoon (strange little spoon)

Red velvet pouch:

  • 5 Different gemstones

Rolled up magic book pages:

  • Memory Spell / Almitar, mother of all
  • The Mythical Six / Tarot Cards
  • Spell of rorriM / Spiritual Star Signs
  • Moons and Gemstones / Stones with Mystic Powers

Black envelope:

  • 5 Different dark blue files with a photo attached to each file with a paper clip
  • Plastic Decrypt Card


Every game from DarkPark Games is assembled by hand with the utmost care. Nevertheless, something may unexpectedly be missing from the game, it happens. If it turns out that this is the case for you, you can reach us via:

We will fix it for you as soon as possible.


Where do we start?

Attached to the box is a flyer with a URL on it. Visit that URL on a computer with internet access.

Hint 1

The password to log into is not: 3 and also not: 3 (use a pen)

But what is it then?

Hint 2

There are a lot of numbers on the back of the Voicemessage flyer. Grab a pen and look for the number 3.


If you circle all 3s on the back of the Voicemessage flyer, 5 letters will appear that form the word MAGIC.

This is the password with which you can log into


Where do we start?

Two cards the size of a business card are hidden in different parts of the game. The URLs on these cards could be a good starting point.

I can't find the first card

The white linen bag contains a purple business card from WitchWizard.

I can't find the second card

In the black envelope hidden under the straw, you will find a black plastic card from the Consortium.


Decrypt Card

Hint 1

There are 5 ‘shapes’ on the Consortium login website. Do you recognize these shapes on the decrypt card?

Hint 2

The first shape consists of three dots one above the other. Do you see three instances of the same letter one above the other somewhere on the decrypt card?

Hint 3

The second shape consists of 1 single dot. Do you see a single letter somewhere on the decrypt card that does not appear anywhere else on the card?

Hint 4

The shapes on the website are not in the same order on the decrypt card.


The password is: ELSIE

Correspondence between Delta and Omicron

Hint 1

On the photo of the correspondence between Omicron and Delta, you’ll find talk of a special character. Where on the website can you find this character?

Hint 2

Listen to the voicemail that Operative Delta has left on Operative Omicron’s account under ‘messages’ (top right corner of the control panel) again carefully.

Hint 3

To find out the password used to log into the Consortium’s mainframe, you need the following:

  • The Almitar Family Tree
  • The magic book page with the ‘Memory Spell’
  • The black Polaroid photo

Hint 4

Use the Memory Spell to reveal the hidden image on the black Polaroid photo.

Where have you seen those characters before?


As is revealed from the correspondence between Omicron and Delta and Delta’s voicemail, the password to log into the mainframe is the name of the founder of the Consortium. Moreover, it appears that this founder comes from a well-known witch family.

If you follow the directions from the Polaroid photo on the Almitar family tree you will end up at: Tarorit. This is the password you can use to log in.

What file should I be looking for?


When the time is right, the spirits will help you solve this riddle. Patience is a virtue.

Perhaps it is time to focus on other parts of the game first. Have you already looked into the white linen bag?


Name of the coven

Hint 1

To find out the name of the coven you need the 4 Polaroid photos.

Hint 2

Do you recognize the characters on the back of the Polaroid photos?

Maybe you will come across them somewhere on another website in the game?

Hint 3

Use the Witch’s Alphabet found on the Consortium’s website to decipher the symbols on the back of the Polaroid photos.


The name of the coven is: Sisterbond

Element Selection

Hint 1

The symbols associated with the 5 elements are drawn on one of the torn pages from little Amy’s diary.

Hint 2

Have you taken a good look at the photos of the 5 witches? (not the Polaroid photos)


The symbols that belong to the 5 elements as they are drawn in little Amy’s diary are hidden in the photos of the 5 witches.

Amy – Air
Francesca – Spirit
Vicky – Earth
Margaret – Fire
Lisa – Water

Sealing the Pentagram

Hint 1

Did you pour all of the salt out of the jar to draw a proper protective circle on the Sorcery Surface?

Hint 2

What could ‘it takes two to Entangle’ mean?

Hint 3

The brown envelope contains all the things the girls kept from their childhood. Perhaps valuable information can be found there.

Hint 4

The girls have kept something of the animal belonging to their coven.


If you empty the salt jar completely, you will find a small green amulet with a triangle on it. The lid of the salt jar also has a symbol on it. If you combine the two, you get a triangle with a small circle and a tripod inside.

One of the Polaroid photos has the sign of the town where the girls performed their first ritual on it: Berwick.

There is a black feather in the brown envelope. This belongs to the animal of the coven: A raven.

Magic word hidden in the Stars

Hint 1

For this puzzle you need the magic book page about The Spell of rorriM (both the front and the back) and something else.

Hint 2

Why is the last letter of ‘rorriM’ capitalized?

Perhaps you recognize the shape that surrounds the title on this magic book page?

Hint 3

The zodiac signs are connected to each other in pairs every time. How can you connect them using the item available for this puzzle?

Hint 4

The order of the letters is indicated by the numbers on the back of the page with the Spell of rorriM.


If you flip rorriM you get Mirror.

Use the mirror to connect every correct pair of zodiac signs. You will see a letter appear in the mirror every time you do so.

The back of the page tells you which zodiac signs to connect and in what order.

The letters you find then form the word: HAEXUM

The Power of the Moon

Hint 1

To solve this puzzle you need the magic book page called ‘Moons and Gemstones’ and one more item.

To find out which object that is, you have to ‘search every corner’.

Hint 2

Take a good look at the different moons on the magic book page, is there anything funny about them?

Hint 3

The ‘Moonspoon’ may point you in the right direction.


The moonspoon shape is depicted in the corners of the magic book page, the golden spoon from the white linen bag.

Around each moon is a circle with a small bump on it If you place the moonspoon on every moon with the bump in the right place, the handle of the spoon always points to a gemstone.

You will then find the following combinations:

Blood Moon – Carnelian

Waning Gibbous – Rock Crystal

Harvest Moon – Basalt

Waxing Crescent – Rose Quartz

Blue Moon – Amethyst

Hidden word on the back of a burned witch

Hint 1

What was the salt jar wrapped in?

Hint 2

All answers can be found in the game. So you don’t have to guess, just carefully investigate the documents.

Hint 3

You will find most of the answers in the black envelope.

Answer question 1 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Mythical animal with two hooves, two hands and two horns

Answer: Minotaur

Answer question 2 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: New kind of voicemail service online

Answer: Voicemessage

Answer question 3 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: White roses named after a group of islands

Answer: Galapagos Roses

Answer question 4 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Other name for star sign

Answer: Zodiac

Answer question 5 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Movie with Michael Keaton from 2001

Answer: Quicksand

Answer question 6 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Forbidden white powder, made from the tusks of elephants

Answer: Ivory Scatter

Answer question 7 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Big lake near Cleveland

Answer: Erie

Answer question 8 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Award winning escape room company in The Netherlands located in Delft and Zoetermeer

Answer: DarkPark

Answer question 9 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Location of mythical shop Cauldrons and Conundrums in New Jersey

Answer: Verona

Answer question 10 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Small park in New York near the East River

Answer: McCarren

Answer question 11 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Type of forest that Santa Cruz is known for

Answer: Redwood

Answer question 12 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Town with the smallest amount of inhabitants in America

Answer: Scofield

Answer question 13 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: German car brand that is quite uncommon in America

Answer: Opel

Answer question 14 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Mysterious ritual used by witches to create a coven

Answer: Rite of Union

Answer question 15 - BEWARE, SPOILER!

Question: Rudolf Steiner school in New York

Answer: New Amsterdam School

Final answer - BEWARE, SPOILER!

The word that is hidden ‘on the back of a burned witch’ is: magistraverioem

Your Mythical Creature

Hint 1

Have you found the magic book page about mythical creatures yet?

What’s on the back?

Hint 2

Besides the tarot cards and the magic book page about tarot cards you also need the pictures of the 5 witches to solve this puzzle, as well as the 5 dark blue files in the black envelope.

Hint 3

To determine which tarot card belongs to which witch, you need their dates of birth.

When a witch in the coven dies, the order of the tarot cards changes.

Hint 4

Have you studied the backs of the photos and the tarot cards yet?


If you match the correct tarot card to each witch using their birth dates, which can be found on the dark blue Consortium dossier pages, and compare the backs of the photos with the backs of the accompanying tarot cards, you will find the same mythical animal every time. The Hydra.

Make the Connection

Hint 1

From each series of objects follows a letter, so in the end you’ll have 4 letters.

Hint 2

The first letter is not a Z.


When all objects are in the right location on the Sorcery Surface and you draw a(n imaginary) line between the mentioned objects, you get the word: SNOW

Look into the fire

Hint 1

Patience is a virtue.

Hint 2

Did you light the candle at the start of the ritual?

Hint 3

If you lit the candle at the beginning of the ritual and you look deep into the fire, you should see something at the bottom of the candle by now.


At the bottom of the candle it says that you have to look for: FILE X8HK35

Time to return to the Consortium one last time.