Got stuck playing Never House?

You may get stuck at some point while playing Never House. No problem, it happens to the best of us.

On this page you will find the answers to all your questions. However, we recommend you don’t look for answers right away, because then you may rush through the game too quickly and that would be a shame. After all, it is a puzzle game and getting stuck every now and then is a part of the fun. So these hints are just for those times where you really can’t figure it out by yourself.

Contents of the box
If, after reading the hints, you feel that an object is missing from the game, you can check if that’s the case here.

If you don’t have that feeling, then read no further to avoid spoilers!


  • On the inside of the lid is a plastic sleeve with a 666flix flyer and a card with QR codes for this hint page
  • An introductory letter from Jacob Miller
  • A rolled up floor plan of Never House
  • A rolled up map of Sterling Estate
  • A burlap bag filled with shards
  • A whiskey bottle rolled into a Yellow Pages page
  • A photo of Never House
  • A photo of an old fireplace with a map above it
  • A photo of a filing cabinet with stuffed animals on top
  • A round Family Circle flyer
  • 4 Different children’s drawings
  • A Ouija Bord

The white envelope:

  • A planchette
  • An old key
  • An old coin
  • A card with instructions for using the Ouija Board
  • A broken piece of wooden picture frame

Every game from DarkPark Games is assembled by hand with the utmost care. Nevertheless, something may unexpectedly be missing from the game, it happens. If it turns out that this is the case for you, you can reach us via:

We will fix it for you as soon as possible.


Where do we start?
When you open the box you will see a 666flix flyer on the inside of the lid. This is a nice starting point.
What should we do with that?
Solve the puzzle on the 666flix flyer and go to the website


Puzzle on the flyer - Hint 1
Examine both the front and the back of the flyer.
Puzzle on the flyer - Hint 2
If you follow the red lines on the back of the flyer you will know in which order the films should be. On the back side of the flyer, the titles of the movies are missing. But they are not on the front side…
The titles of the films you are looking for always contain a number.

If you have found the correct order of the four films and have discovered the titles that go with them, you will find the code: 01219

Enter this code on to activate your free preview.

What should we do on the website?
Watch the trailer for Most Mysterious, at the top of the 666flix page.
What should we do next?
If you’ve watched the trailer for Most Mysterious, you can return to the box and read Jacob Miller’s letter. Then the investigation of the items in the box can begin.


What is the password?

Hint 1
The password to log into can be found by solving the puzzle on the round flyer.
Hint 2
Use both the front and the back of the round flyer.
Hint 3
On the front side of the round flyer you can see that some elements have a color. There is a light yellow-colored round arrow around the flyer that indicates the order of these colored elements.
The password to log into is: teamwork


What should we do on the website?
Click on the different parts on the dashboard. Watch the video and listen to the sound clips.

You can’t do anything else on this site at this time. Explore the rest of the items in the box.


Where do we start?
Contact the Ghost Unit by filling in the contact form and pressing ‘send’.
Where can we find a discount code?
There is no discount code anywhere in the game, but you can click the banner at the bottom of the page to enter the Ghost Unit contest.

The Ghost Unit contest quiz

Hint 1
The Ghost Unit quiz will put your knowledge of horror films to the test. Is there a place in the game where horror movies can be found?
Hint 2
There are a lot of movie titles on Look for the film titles that match the questions in the contest.
Do scarecrows scare crows? - ANSWER - BEWARE SPOILER!
In the ‘Classic Stuff’ category on 666FLIX you will find the movie ‘Scare Crowns don’t scare crows’. So the answer to this question is ‘no’.
Which corn are the children from? - ANSWER - BEWARE SPOILER!
In the ‘Stranger Picks’ category on 666FLIX you will find the movie ‘Children of the popcorn’. So the answer to this question is ‘popcorn’.
Who are bloody hot? - ANSWER - BEWARE SPOILER!
In the ‘Stranger Picks’ category on 666FLIX you will find the movie ‘Vampires are bloody hot’. So the answer to this question is ‘Vampires’.

The file number

Hint 1
To find out the file number, you need the Yellow Pages page that was wrapped around the whiskey bottle.
Hint 2
You need both the front and the back of the Yellow Pages page.
Hint 3
On the back of the Yellow Pages page, a number of letters are crossed out in the left margin.
A file number is written at the top of the front of the Yellow Pages page in red marker. However, there are also letters that do not belong there.

Omit the letters that are crossed out on the back of the Yellow Pages page.

You will then be left with the following file number: 7A3K6R2W19Z4

Question 1

Hint 1
Examine the old photo of Sterling House.
Hint 2
If you look closely, you can see that the photo of Sterling House has a word hidden in many different places. In the clouds, in the trees, in the gravel, on the car, in the masonry, etc.
The word ‘kill’ is hidden in many places in the photo.

Question 2

Hint 1
Go to and download the requested file. Then upload the file to the Ghost Unit website.
Hint 2
In the audio clip, three sequences of rooms in Sterling House are whispered. Can you find these rooms on the floor plan?
Hint 3
Draw a(n imaginary) line on the Sterling House floor plan between the rooms whispered in the audio clip. You can only go from one room to another through a door. So you can’t go through walls.
If you connect the rooms according to the three sequences in the audio clip, 3 letters appear on the map: T – H – E

So the word you’re looking for is ‘the’.

Question 3

Hint 1
The box contains an old photo showing the map of Sterling Estate above an old fireplace. On this photo you can see what else you need for this puzzle.
Hint 2
For this puzzle you will need:

  • The map of Sterling Estate
  • The old photo on which the map hangs on the wall above a fireplace
  • The golden key
  • The broken piece of wooden frame that was originally around the map
Hint 3
There are strange shapes in the piece of wooden picture frame. One of those shapes may look familiar to you. Maybe something fits in there?
Hint 4
The aging on the map shows where the piece of wooden picture frame used to be. There are four places where the piece of frame fits.
Hint 5
Some things are written on the back of the old photo with the map hanging on the wall.
If you put the golden key in the wooden piece of picture frame and place the combined item in the four correct places along the edge of the map, the eye of the key will fall on exactly four locations.

On the back of the old photo, these locations are also shown with one or two letters behind them.

If you put these letters together you get the word ‘serpent’.

What should we do in the archive?
Nothing at the moment, click ‘back to file’ to continue.
The ghosts aren't giving us a sign using the Ouija Board
That’s just the way it is. Cheer up and get on with the game.

Question 4

Hint 1
What strange children’s drawings. They are already remarkable individually, but you may discover something even stranger when you combine them.
Hint 2
Place the 4 children’s drawings against each other in such a way that a word appears in the middle of the whole.
Hint 3
There are names on the four corners of the children’s drawings. There are symbols on the four corners of the Ouija Board.
Alice = Star

Lucas = Sword

Emma = Butterfly

William = Serpent (snake)

The tile

Hint 1
If you fit the shards of the tile together, a poem about a number of animals appears. Do you see these animals elsewhere?
Hint 2
The large photo of the filing cabinet shows 6 stuffed animals that correspond to the animals from the poem on the tile. Four paintings that correspond to the seasons in the poem hang next to the filing cabinet.
In each line of the poem, an animal and a season are mentioned. If you look for the letter located on the intersection between the animal and the season from each line, you will find the following letters: GRACE

The archive

Hint 1
Study the photos carefully.
Hint 2
If you look at the photos in the archive for long enough, you will see that there are some strange scenes playing out. Not only that, words occasionally appear in the photos.

Read the words from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. What sentence do you see?

If you put the words in the pictures in a row you get the sentence: Stab him with the key. In the last photo you can see where to stick the key.

The same photo can be found on the back of the Ouija Board. Pierce William’s heart with the key.

The Ouija Bord

Hint 1
If you stick the key in William’s heart, the sun will fall out on the other side of the Ouija Board. There’s some text written on the back of the sun.
Hint 2
If you insert the key into the side of the Ouija Board, some text will slide into the board where the sun used to be.
Hint 3
If you carefully turn the key in the Ouija Board, a secret compartment on the back will open.

Sales & Overseas Transactions

Hint 1
There are 3 columns on the log. The outer columns have something to do with the middle column.
Hint 2
If you add up both outer numbers in each row, you get the numbers that are missing in the middle column.
Hint 3
There are two bolded words at the bottom of the document: whiskey and coin.
The numbers that belong in the middle column are: 4, 6, 2, 2, 6, 9, 4, 6, 5

Place the coin on the whiskey bottle and see which letters belong to these numbers.

What is meant by this answer?
The puzzle with the coin and the whiskey bottle results in: ‘Bottom box’.

Examine the bottom of the box, could there be a double bottom?