Got stuck playing Conspiracy-19?

You may get stuck at some point while playing Conspiracy-19. No problem, it happens to the best of us.

On this page you will find the answers to all your questions. However, we recommend you don’t look for answers right away, because then you may rush through the game too quickly and that would be a shame. After all, it is a puzzle game and getting stuck every now and then is a part of the fun. So these hints are just for those times where you really can’t figure it out by yourself.

Contents of the box
If, after reading the hints, you feel that an object is missing from the game, you can check if that’s the case here.

If you don’t have that feeling, then read no further to avoid spoilers!


  • Card with QR code to this hint page
  • Yellow letter from Dr. Schmitz
  • (there’s still a document with different QR codes in the old version of the game. In the new version this document has been removed)
  • There is a sticker of an eye on the inside of the box on the left side. Behind this sticker, between the walls of the box, a key ring with a key is hidden

Transparent plastic bag:

  • Photo of Matt Anderson standing in front of a painting
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Bottle with three pills in it and a label on it
  • 4 Different credit cards with a lock

Brown envelope:

  • Dim Sum Bingo Menu
  • Torn encyclopedia page about the Puffer fish
  • Xhing Oriental Wholesale order List
  • Scratch card
  • Folded e-mail from dissatisfied customer
  • Red marker

Transparent package with rubber bands:

  • Folded map
  • Torn diary page
  • Newspaper article
  • 2 Different cards with predictions by Miss Fortune
  • Green amulet

Green folder:

  • Photo of bloody hand
  • Hospital report about mysterious patient named Anton
  • Small transparent bag with rusty nail and piece of ribbon
  • 3 Test tubes with blood
  • E-mail from Michael Wong
  • Letter from Matt Anderson
  • Research Report by Susan Palmer
  • Business card belonging to Susan Palmer

Every game from DarkPark Games is assembled by hand with the utmost care. Nevertheless, something may unexpectedly be missing from the game, it happens. If it turns out that this is the case for you, you can reach us via:

We will fix it for you as soon as possible.


Where do we start?

Scan the QR code on the outside of the box with your smart phone.

Hint 1

There’s a button on the website with the audio message, where does it lead you?

Hint 2

Dr. Schmitz gives a hint in his audio message.

Hint 3

If you translate the URL of the website (klyuch-v-glazu) from Russian using Google Translate you get: key-in-the-eye

Examine the inside of the box, do you see an eye there?


On the left side of the box there is a sticker on the inside with an eye on it. If you carefully open the box in that location you will find a key ring with a key on it.

What should we do next?

Read Dr. Schmitz’s yellow letter carefully and start researching. It’s best to start with the transparent bag on top and then work your way down through the files.


Where do we start?

Maybe there’s a website you can visit?


Hint 1

To find the password you need the following:

  • The photo of Matt Anderson posing in front of a painting.
  • The four bank cards.
  • The key and key ring attached to it.

Hint 2

Matt Anderson is a bit forgetful sometimes, so he wrote a reminder for himself to make sure he doesn’t forget the password to his CloudSafe account.

Hint 3

Once you have found the correct numbers, all you have to do is put them in the correct order. You should already have the ‘key’ in your hands by now.

Password CloudSafe - BEWARE, SPOILER!

If you put the backs of the four bank cards together in the right way, you will see the same painting as in the photo.

Only the number of flowers is different.

As his reminder, Matt wrote down to look for what is missing. So look for the number of flowers that is missing per color.

The order of the flowers can be found on the key ring that was hidden in the side of the box.

You should then find this password: 1321

Where can I find the '5 digit passcode' to transfer money (Cherry Kiwi Coconut)?

At this point in the game, it is impossible to crack that code. You may get the information you need later in the game.


Hint 1

Dr. Schmitz has underlined something on his yellow letter.

Hint 2

Two bank accounts belong to Matt Anderson’s company (M.A. Global Investments), the other two bank accounts are private.


Dr. Schmitz’s yellow letter states that you should look for the private payments Matt made to Susan.

The bank cards tell you which two account numbers belong to Matt’s private accounts.

As you log into CloudSafe, all you need to do now is count the number of payments Matt has made to Susan from his private accounts.

You then get the number 5.


Hint 1

To find the letter you need the pill bottle and the key ring that was hidden in the side of the box.

On the back of the doctor’s prescription is a hint on how to combine the two.

Hint 2

Even if there were no pills in the bottle, you could still find the letter – you should just shine your light on the matter in the right way.


If you shine the key ring’s flashlight on the back of the pill bottle and look at the front of the label, you will see a large ‘F’ appear there.


Where do we start?

It’s best to start with the restaurant menu.


Hint 1

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Hint 2

You can claim your free dish on the restaurant’s website.

Hint 3

If you want your free dish delivered to your home, you will have to order some other dishes. The online price list might be of use.

Do keep in mind that the total price of your order must be exactly $25.

Hint 4

The weekly deal can be a good starting point for your order. Now you only have to add two extra dishes.


After you have selected your Fried Banana on the website, you will be asked if you want to order more.

Select here: Steamed Bass, Orange Chicken and Pecking Duck

(the Fried Banana you need for the weekly deal was already added to your order)

Now the order confirmation appears on the screen with the letter ‘H’.


Hint 1

Dim Sum Bingo, quite a funny name for a restaurant, actually.

Hint 2

In a game of Bingo you have to cross off numbers on a card.

There is a red marker in the envelope.

Hint 3

If you think the right dishes have been crossed off (10 in total), you might want to take a look at the menu from a distance.


If you have crossed the correct 10 dishes off the menu and you look at it from a distance you should see a large ‘2’.


Where do we start?

Miss Fortune’s torn diary page is a good place to start.


Hint 1

In her diary, Miss Fortune says, ‘connect all the dots’.

What dots could she mean?

Hint 2

In total, Miss Fortune has made 5 predictions about different places in the world.

Hint 3

In her diary, Miss Fortune says that chronology is important.

Maybe the red marker will come in handy again.

Hint 4

If you mark the 5 places from Miss Fortune’s predictions on the map and connect them together in the correct order according to the dates listed with the predictions, a 5-pointed star will appear on the map.

In the center of that star is a shape that corresponds to another object from this file.


If you place the green amulet in the center of the star on the map, you will see the letter ‘L’ through the round opening.


Hint 1

If you have completed all previous files in order, you will not yet be able to find the number in this file at the moment.

You need something from the last file that was at the bottom of the box.

Miss Fortune indicates in her diary that she has tried to read Anton’s hand.

Hint 2

To find the number you need the photo of the hand from the green file.

See a shape in this photo that you recognize?

Hint 3

Put Miss Fortune’s green amulet on the hand, with the round recess in the amulet placed where the nail pierced the hand.


If you’ve placed the amulet on the correct spot on the hand and follow the arrows on the amulet you will see 5 letters: S-E-V-E-N


Where do we start?

Read all documents in this file carefully.


Hint 1

The ribbon and nail make up the last number together. Don’t get too ‘wrapped up’ in the details.

Hint 2

Wrap the ribbon around the nail in a spiral from top to bottom.


When you have wrapped the ribbon around the nail correctly, the following letters will be positioned directly above one another: T-H-R-E-E

So 3!


Hint 1

Susan Palmer describes an experiment she conducted. Maybe you can repeat that experiment?

Hint 2

Michael Wong seems to be very interested in the name of the Virus. How can you reach him?

Hint 3

Sometimes e-mails get stuck somewhere. Try it a second time if you need to, and make sure to check your spam box.

Hint 4

Have you noticed that there are Chinese characters on the dishes on the Dim Sum Bingo website?

Hint 5

Apparently Michael Wong has hidden something on his restaurant’s website. What does he mean by: ‘Just click six dishes in the correct order‘?

Could it have something to do with the Chinese characters on the dishes?

Do you see Chinese characters elsewhere on the website?

Hint 6

‘Backwards’ literally means ‘backwards’.

Password secret computer code at - BEWARE, SPOILER!

The hint is ‘Backward backwards’.

So the password is: backwards, but written backwards:


Hint 7

In equations you always do x first and then + or –

Hint 8

Cherry Kiwi Coconut, where have you seen that before?

Michael Wong mentioned something in his e-mail about transferring money from Matt Anderson’s bank account.

Answer equation Cherry Kiwi Coconut - BEWARE, SPOILERS!

7 + 7 + 7 = 21

5 x 7 + 5 = 40

5 x 10 + 10 = 60

10 x 5 – 7 = 43


So Cherry Kiwi Coconut is: 10 5 43

Hint 9

The last 4 digits of the bank account number are the 4 digits you find in the 4 files. You can write all the numbers and letters on the back of Dr. Schmitz’s yellow letter.




The 4 numbers - BEWARE, SPOILERS!

When you log into Matt Anderson’s bank account via his CloudSafe account, you will be asked for the last 4 digits of the bank account you want to transfer money to. These are the 4 numbers you find in the 4 separate files:


If you then transfer all his money to STPFU you get the last letter: Z

The 4 letters - BEWARE, SPOILERS!

On Susan Palmer’s business card you will find the URL to the Save The Planet From Us website:

You can log into it with the password that consists of the 4 letters that you find in the 4 separate files: