Urban Axe Throwing Delft
Urban Axe Throwing Delft


Who says you can only go on an adventure in an escape room? Indoor axe throwing is the new bowling, but with axes. It’s guaranteed to be the most exhilarating thing you’ve ever done, so grab that mighty tool and feel the power as you hurl that axe at full speed at the target with all your might. You can bet that primal feelings will be released in you that you didn’t know you had!

After introducing one of the first escape rooms in the Netherlands, DarkPark now comes with another scoop. We are therefore very proud that we have once again brought a hype from America to the Netherlands as the very first.

Don’t think axe throwing is just for tough guys. Anyone can do it, so get your friends or colleagues together and challenge each other to an intense tournament.

An indoor axe throwing session at Urban Axe Throwing lasts no less than 75 minutes in which you are fully prepared to become an accomplished axe thrower. You’ll be throwing axes frequently, hitting the bullseye and, of course, cheering on your friends. In between tossing you can have a drink and socialize with your teammates. Our throwing coaches are ready to teach you all the techniques and of course they ensure that everything is done safely.

Fun Factor 100%
Difficulty 65%
Physical Exertion 55%
Location: Delft
Team size: 1 to 24 people (max 6 people per lane)
Duration: 75 minutes
Age recommendation: 18+
Price: From 95,- per lane
Urban Axe Throwing Delft

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Hoe lang duurt een sessie en wat gaan we precies doen?
A session at Urban Axe Throwing lasts 75 minutes.

You will first receive a short safety instruction. Then our throwing coaches will take you out on the court for some practice throws and instructions so you’ll be an ‘Axepert’ and throwing axes like a pro in no time. As soon as you manage to swing one axe after another at the target with a big grin on your face, you start the tournament.

The winner of the tournament receives nothing less than eternal fame and respect from his or her teammates.

By the way, remember that you have to be present fifteen minutes earlier than your starting time to fill in a waiver. It would be a shame if that had to happen during your playing time.

Kunnen we bij jullie ook iets eten en drinken?
Of course! We sell various types of small snacks and almost every conceivable (soft) drink. Moreover, we are fans of the well-known saying ‘Throw an axe, eat a ball’, so we like to let those freshly baked famous Dutch ‘bitterballs’ go around the tables.

For safety reasons, we do not sell alcoholic beverages. Sorry 🙁

In the immediate vicinity you will also find many cozy restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a nice meal or drink before or after.

Is het veilig?
Each lane is shielded and axes are only thrown when the lane is completely empty. There is always a coach present who keeps an eye on everything. If you follow the rules and listen carefully to your coach, nothing can go wrong.
Zijn er Corona gerelateerde beperkingen?
There are currently no corona-related measures for this activity. That means you don’t have to wear a mouth mask and you don’t have to keep 1.5 meters distance. You also do not have to show us proof of vaccination.
Kan ik meedoen als ik zwanger ben?
Axe throwing is not very intensive, so in principle you can just join the team! Good news, right?

Do you still have doubts? Please discuss this with your doctor or midwife.

Wat voor kleding kan ik het beste aantrekken?
We also love those open flip-flops, especially when they’re all covered with pink flowers, but if you want to become a real ‘Axepert’, it’s better to leave your slippers at home this time. Open shoes are not allowed on the lanes.

We also think high heels are super nice, but they are not suitable if you are going to throw an axe. Small heels are no problem.

Wear whatever you want, but comfortable clothing is recommended. In any case, make sure you can move your arms well, otherwise your chances of hitting the bullseye will be relatively smaller.

We do not award ‘consolation points’ for failed throws due to clumsy clothing. You might get bonus points if you come in a fancy dress though 😉

Hebben we de baan privé of delen we hem met anderen?
You rent a lane for your team alone, so we don’t put strangers at your table. It doesn’t matter if you use the track with 2 or 6 people or something in between. It is true that several lanes can be booked at the same time, so there is a good chance that others will also be present at other lanes. Cozy right?
Wat is jullie annuleringsbeleid?
The moment you book with us, we immediately get to work to make it an unforgettable experience for you. We make sure that there are enough staff ready for the big day, we check extra whether the rent of the building has been paid, we sharpen the axes, provide fresh targets, pay all our other bills and so on. You will therefore fully understand that it is not possible to cancel a booking, so make sure that all your teammates really are available before you press that confirmation button!

You can reschedule an appointment up to 48 hours in advance by the way. We charge a €25 rebooking fee for this.

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