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Dear Santa is the perfect December gift for anyone who loves puzzles, adventures, and compelling storytelling! This much-discussed Collectors Edition will only be available this Christmas. After that, it disappears into our archives forever.

Despite what the title might suggest, Dear Santa is not a cozy Christmas story. On the contrary: this game tells the story of a young family that has been struggling for years with fate constantly dealing them one bad hand after the other. Will the Dickens family finally be able to celebrate a merry Christmas together this year? Or will this story have a sad ending after all?

Dear Santa is a complete escape room adventure in a letterbox package that you will receive in the mail. This means that you can play this DarkPark experience from the safe environment of your own home.

It will be an adventurous Christmas this year!

PLEASE NOTE: Dear Santa will be shipped from December 1, 2021.



An 8 year old boy named Julian sends a letter to Santa. He doesn’t need presents this year, all he wants is his mommy back. This seemingly innocent letter is the start of a dramatic adventure in which you as a player discover in a puzzling way which secrets his mother has been trying to keep hidden from little Julian for years.

Will you be able to reunite Julian with his mom? Or might it not be such a very nice Christmas after all?

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 310 × 215 × 27 mm
Number of players

1 to 4


1,5 to 3 hours

Recommended age


Extra needed

To play Dear Santa you need a desktop computer or laptop with internet access.

Trigger warning

Some parts of Dear Santa's story may trigger people who have dealt with a terminal illness. If you find it difficult to watch films that deal with a sensitive topic like this, Dear Santa may not be the game for you.


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When will I receive Dear Santa?

From December 1, we will start shipping Dear Santa on every working day. If you order Dear Santa together with another game, keep in mind that your package will not be shipped before December 1st. Due to the December crowds at PostNL your package might take a little longer than normal to arrive.

Why is Dear Santa cheaper than your other games?

We love introducing as many people as possible to our Home Adventures this Christmas. That's why we decided to create a game with just as much adventure as in our other games, but with slightly less expensive objects in it. In addition, Dear Santa comes in a letterbox package, which means that the shipping costs are also somewhat lower. After all, life is expensive enough for many people in these crazy times.

The contents of the box therefore mainly consist of paper materials, but you do not have to worry that you will receive a simple stack of A4 sheets. As you are used to from us, we will of course ensure that everything in the package meets the now world-famous DarkPark quality!

How many people can we play Dear Santa with?

We understand that not everyone dares to get together with friends in these times. That's why we designed Dear Santa so that you can play it alone, but also with two, three or a group of four.

Is there anything else I need to be able to play Dear Santa?

Almost everything you need is included in the package. Just make sure you have a laptop or fixed computer with internet at your disposal. We've tried to make the experience as great as possible for you, so we use different channels to tell a story as complete as possible without leaving your home!

How many times can you play Dear Santa?

Just like a regular escape room, you can play Dear Santa once because after that you know all the puzzles.

What if we get stuck?

Although we have done everything we can to make Dear Santa look as much like a real escape room as possible, we have not been able to cram a game host into the box that can give you hints during the game. That is why you will find a card in the package that you receive at home with a link to our online hint system. There you can look up subtle hints that help you further without revealing too much.

How long does Dear Santa last?

Just like with a normal escape room, this varies enormously per group. Of course, this also depends on how you deal with it and how many players you play with. If you are a fanatic puzzler who likes to set a fast time, you will be ready sooner than someone who enjoys the game at ease and makes it a pleasant evening. Take into account a playing time of between 1.5 and 3 hours.

Is Dear Santa suitable for children?

Although the title might suggest otherwise, Dear Santa was not designed as a game for children.

In Dear Santa, we go further than ever before in terms of storyline. Some themes are frequently used in books and movies to tell a story but have never been used in an escape room game at home. This game may be triggering for people who have dealt with themes like cheating, blackmail, death, and terminal illness. Additionally, all text in Dear Santa is in English, so it will be difficult for children who can't read English yet to play the game. To play Dear Santa, we recommend a minimum age of 16.

Dear Santa Home Adventure

Dear Santa

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